Don’t Let Unmanaged External Domains Risk your Reputation

Mitigate redundant third-party domain risks with in-depth analysis and assessment.

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An Ecosystem of Mishandled Domains

Your website communicates with dozens of remote domains that are continuously sending and receiving data, directly impacting your own security.

While you may have tools to monitor the domains you own, you have no control over the vulnerabilities of external domains.

Tight Governance Over External Domains

Keep a finger on the pulse of domain security with our complete domain management solution, ensuring you’re always in control over where your data is sent. Benefit from continuous external domain analysis, seeing in real-time the domains sending code to your website environment.

You are only as strong as your weakest link.

Simplify your complex domain landscape

Benefit from a complete inventory of all domains that will put you in control over your website activity.

  • Manage both owned and remote domains and learn how these domains communicate with your third-party code.
  • Control your alert severity to highlight the real level of threat, using context like whether the domain is your own, or externally managed.
  • Detect the warning signs of attacks at the earliest stage, including weak SSL certificates, WHOIS reputation data, online repositories, and more

You are only as strong as your weakest link

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