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Reduce the risks of web skimming Magecart attacks, PCI DSS violations and privacy fines by always keeping your clients’ data secure

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Your Web Applications Are Vulnerable

The use of third-party web applications and open-source tools has dramatically increased in recent years, creating a complex web supply chain for online retailers. These web applications are essential for business growth, but they also pose vulnerabilities, unseen by standard security controls like WAF, that can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Proactively Combat Increasingly Sophisticated Magecart Attacks

In today’s threat landscape, Magecart keeps evolving, but Reflectiz constantly out-evolves it. Reflectiz’s continuous monitoring solution protects eCommerce websites against client-side attacks such as Magecart, web-skimming, form-jacking, and data breaches. It detects human errors and misconfigurations that might compromise your website’s security and privacy posture.

Dynamic monitoring

Unlike static solutions that primarily examine code at rest, Reflectiz dynamic continuous monitoring evaluates code in motion and real-world conditions, utilizing its own remote proprietary browser.

Behavioral analysis

Reflectiz conducts behavioral analysis on all components on your website(s), utilizing the WWW approach – WHO are your external vendors? WHAT are they doing? WHERE do they send the data they collect?

Extensive Intelligence capabilities

Reflectiz cross-checks every component on your website and raises a flag if the component is uncommon/malicious/vulnerable. This enables Reflectiz to quickly identify malicious activity, evading any new sophistications.

Secure Your Buyer’s Journey
From First Contact to Checkout

Our automated technology protects digital retail websites against client-side attacks such as web-skimming, form-jacking, and data breaches. It can even detect simple errors made by your digital vendors that might compromise your website’s security posture.

Checkout pages

Generate a full user-journey all the way to the checkout page. With no client involvement, we detect even the most advanced attacks that only start at the cart.

Complete website analysis

Secure your customer’s journey from the start. No matter which category or pages they browse, we’ll keep your buyers secure.

Maximized revenues and the tightest security can go hand in hand

Visitors browse as usual, while performance remains best-in-class. with no effect on performance whatsoever. That means no bottlenecks, errors, or slow loading times, and a customer experience that shines.

Get quick time to value

Start monitoring today, with zero installation, agents, scripts, or code required.

Simple and fast

No intrusive implementation process.

No access to user’s data

Consider yourself effortlessly compliant.

Seamless onboarding

No infrastructure changes or heavy IT resources.

Ensure ultimate data privacy and compliance

Knowing which applications are on your site is step one, but you need to understand how they use your data if you want to remain compliant. Gain a comprehensive view of which applications are reading customer information, accessing sensitive data like PII and business information, reading input fields on your checkout pages, or even tracking your users by requesting their GPS coordinates.

“Reflectiz is unique in the marketplace. It has zero impact on my eCommerce site, doesn’t slow anything down, and provides continual coverage for security issues. The prioritization of alerts and the wider ecosystem view allows me as a business user and director to be able to understand the security risks of my eCommerce site. ”

Director of Digital DevOps, Hanna Andersson
Third-party applications help your eCommerce site run smoothly.

Reflectiz helps it run securely.

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