Take Charge of Your Web Threat Exposure

Proactively combat increasingly sophisticated web-based cyber threats by achieving enhanced visibility of your web exposure.

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You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

The modern attack surface keeps expanding as more and more websites utilize dozens of third-party apps, remote services, CDN repositories, and open-source tools. Recent vulnerabilities, like Log4J, have highlighted the risks associated with unmanaged web exposure. It is no longer sufficient to control only your local environment; you need to gain comprehensive visibility of your web dependencies, including third-party apps and open-source tools, too. Shadow IT is here to stay and is increasing every day.

A proactive approach to your web exposure allows quick responses to potential issues that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Maintain Control Over Your Risks and Challenges

Reflectiz provides the most advanced website continuous monitoring solution, covering your web environment like no other, enabling comprehensive visibility into your various assets.

Continuously monitor all your website components to immediately detect risks and vulnerabilities at the earliest stage.

Establish a baseline for approved and unapproved app behaviors based on your business context.

Minimize alert fatigue by flagging only genuine and significant changes, rather than every new hash.

Effectively manage websites on a global scale to better communicate and prioritize cybersecurity risks and compliance issues.

Maximize Control Over Your Web Exposure

Reflectiz maps all your website’s components into a single, accessible online inventory.

With Reflectiz you can monitor:

All your websites in one dashboard with easy filter and navigation options.

All first-, third-, fourth-, up to the nth-party applications and scripts that exist in your website(s) environment(s).

All open-source tools running on your website(s).

All external domains and their relationship with your existing applications.

All actions related to sensitive data, PII, and PHI for full security compliance.

Reflectiz transforms vulnerabilities and threats into actionable insights

empowering security executives to effectively manage their web exposure risk across the modern threat landscape.