Our company

Reflectiz was founded on 2016 by Idan Cohen and Ysrael Gurt, highly experienced cyber professionals and extremely skilled web developers.

The company started with one goal in mind: create an effortless solution that will resolve web supply chain attacks.

Today Reflectiz already works with a variety of paying clients, but it still holds its startup spirit, offering new and innovative solutions to the arising cyber-security challenges.


The growing number of web supply-chain attacks and Magecart cyber skimmers activities are just a tip of an iceberg of what is considered today as one of the fast-growing cyber threats: web third-party risks. While many companies expand their websites’ dependency on third-party components, the risk factor evolves as many companies are not fully aware of the security and privacy implications third-parties present. Our mission is to provide the most trusted and cost-effective solution, one that combines intelligent risk management process and an efficient ongoing control.


At Reflectiz we share an exceptional start-up spirit and true passion to resolve the most complex cyber-security challenges. Our team brings longtime security experience, exceptional white-hat hacking skills, creativity and innovative approach towards unsolved development puzzles.
We love what we do, and we do it well. We’re avid innovators and when it comes to web-third-party risks, we’ll do anything we can (and we can) to let you stay one step ahead of the next cyber threat.

“We believe that good solutions should combine simplicity and efficiency, providing clear results, actionable items and fast response. This is our moto, this is what we do”