About Us

Our company

Reflectiz was founded on 2016 by Idan Cohen and Ysrael Gurt, highly experienced cyber professionals. The company started with one goal in mind: to create the first Website Sandbox solution and to solve the third-party blindness challenge.



With third-party apps controlling EVERY aspect of our digital life, Reflectiz is targeting the risks of the entire internet. Our vision is to create a security hub that handles third-party risks of any present and future online service


Reflectiz brings an exceptional start-up spirit coupled with longtime security experience. This unique combination allows us to adapt to any new challenge, handle risks more effectively, and make sure that you will always stay one step ahead of any new threat.

It’s actually quite simple. Attackers can do all the tricks they want to hide their malicious code but If you control the browser, they are just asking you to conduct malicious actions. In that case, we’re just saying NO!