Secure Your Entire Web Application Supply Chain

Prevent vulnerabilities in your web app supply chain, and ensure all your web components are being used as intended

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Your Web Application is No Longer Yours

The modern web application is becoming increasingly complex, relying on dozens of third-party web components, open source tools, and JS frameworks—all hosted on vendor servers, CDNs, and external repositories. This means that many web components are controlled externally, rather than by you. Even if you have gone through all of your SSDLC processes, you are only securing certain parts of your web application in its current state.

The Hidden Risks in Your Supply Chain

Standard security processes do not monitor your entire supply chain, so there are many potential risks that they will simply miss. For example:

Security and privacy regulations

If one of your third-party vendors releases a new version that does not comply with security and privacy regulations, traditional security tools will fail to detect it

External servers

In the event that the external server hosting your JS framework gets hacked, you will not receive any alerts

Pre production vulnerabilities

If a newly discovered vulnerability is identified after you have already gone into production, it may already be too late to mitigate the risk effectively

Trackers and pixels

If a mistake occurs in your tag manager configuration, it could lead to the unintentional collection of PII data, exposing you to penalties and lawsuits

Standard security controls will leave you vulnerable in these and many similar scenarios.

Safeguard Your Web Application: From Release and Beyond

Due to the dynamic nature of both your in-house and third-party web components, as well as the involvement of external providers beyond your control, it is crucial to maintain continuous monitoring of all web assets. This ensures that any changes made to these applications are promptly detected and assessed for potential vulnerabilities.
Remember, vulnerabilities are not stopping on release.

Reflectiz’s continuous monitoring helps you complete the SSDLC from the moment of release into production and beyond to maintain a robust security posture throughout.

Down the Rabbit Hole of Third-Parties

With Reflectiz, you can keep your web application supply chain completely secure – going into production, and beyond.

Identify all your existing web assets and detect vulnerabilities in your web supply chain and open sources

Monitor web app configurations and settings of third-party code

Prioritize the access of web components to sensitive and business data to better manage your risks and vulnerabilities

Remediate vulnerabilities and compliance issues with full risk visibility

Validate that your SSDLC works as planned

and more…

New security compliance requirements demand complete, continuous visibility into your web supply chain, and that’s exactly what Reflectiz can offer your business