Take Control Over a Complex Tag Environment

Seamlessly scale your digital environment with complete tag visibility and control.

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Digital Transformation and Security Operations go Head to Head.

While tag managers enable marketers and digital teams to easily add tags and integrations directly into the website’s production environment, these may also bypass standard security protocols. Marketing teams want freedom to innovate, but security is focused on risk management. This creates an internal conflict of interest where both parties are correct.

Don’t let Security Become a Hurdle to Innovation.

Get notified about any new tag or changes made to your website environment, even if it was added through an approved tag manager.

From now on, marketing and security teams can work together harmoniously by providing a solution that enables secure and supervised tag implementation.

Streamline the implementation of digital tools without violating necessary security protocols.

A tag sneaking in unnoticed? Not on our watch.

  • Detect any changes to scripts, applications or tags and automatically map it into your asset inventory.
  • Receive a comprehensive analysis and overview of your third and fourth-party relationships.
  • Get the full risk profile on any app added by any of your tag managers.

Mitigate your third-party component’s related risks and vulnerability with comprehensive visibility into your website’s digital ecosystem.