Case Study: Unmanaged GTM Tags Become a Security Nightmare

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gtm tags case study

Explore how a global ticket seller experienced a data breach due to a misconfigured GTM tag, highlighting the critical need for clear ownership and proper management of GTM tags.

Are your tags really safe with Google Tag Manager? If you’ve been thinking that using GTM means that your tracking tags and pixels are safely managed, then it might be time to think again.

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Key Findings

Reflectiz advanced analysis of 4,000 websites revealed significant security risks associated with GTM and connected applications. Across all industries, GTM and its connected apps account for 45% of total risk exposure and that 20% of these sites have at least one case of misconfiguration that allows GTM or one of its connected applications to access sensitive or personal user data. We also found that misconfigurations appear in the applications listed below (these are the top apps that account for 85% of all cases):

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