Reflectiz Partner Program

Welcome aboard! Reflectiz is currently expanding its partner network, offering unique opportunities, easy go-to-market process and full support, in both marketing and technology. The cyber-security partners we look for are channel partners, resellers and Mssps. Here you can find all the necessary initial information about partnering with Reflectiz.


Why become a Reflectiz cyber-security partner?

At Reflectiz we specialize at providing companies and organizations with the most effective mitigation solutions against third-party risks on their websites and digital assets.

Instant Solution with no installation demands and unique partner opportunities

Our unique non-intrusive solution is fully automated, works seamlessly and remotely without any setup or installation requirements. For you, as a partner, this creates special and very appealing opportunities, allowing easier POCs, faster selling processes and lots more.

Our target market

Reflectiz already works with variety of clients from the financial sectors, insurance, healthcare, e-commerce, fintech companies and other online businesses and organizations that operate websites and digital assets to engage with their end users (B2C as well as B2B).

Why Reflectiz is a Must Have for Your Clients?

With growing business and technology demands, websites today have become increasingly depended on third-party tools. In fact, 95% of online business use external code that became an integral part of their website. It saves them time and money and allow to scale business and technological activities faster and better than before.

However, these external components, code, create wide range of risks that affect the security posture of any organization. These come in the form of supply-chain attacks, Magecart type threat actors, client-side threats and privacy risks. We are here to help you protecting your clients against third-party risks on their websites.

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