Secure Your Website Against Magecart Web Skimming Attacks

Identify and prevent web skimming attacks to significantly reduce the risk of a costly data breach

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The Damage Is Much Greater Than a Single Fine

Magecart attacks typically involve injecting malicious code into the checkout pages of vulnerable e-commerce websites in order to steal credit card information and other sensitive data.

On average, it takes 171 days* to discover a Magecart attack, as these attacks remain invisible to standard security controls like Web Application Firewalls (WAF).

GDPR/CCPA fines, class-action lawsuits, brand damage, and the loss of clients’ trust are only part of the potential devastating implications for your business.

Detect and Block Magecart Threats

Get complete coverage against Magecart malware attacks with advanced continuous monitoring that detects and prevents any malicious change to your websites so you never miss even the most sophisticated of attacks.

Never miss any malicious change

Expose next-generation cyber-attacks by analyzing which script performs actions such as:

  • accessing sensitive data
  • keylogging
  • communicating with malicious domains

Track changes, prioritize issues and alerts according to severity level, and remediate before it’s too late.

Ensure continuous monitoring of all sensitive web pages:

  • Checkout pages

    Cover the entire user journey from landing page to checkout while adhering to the new PCI DSS requirements.

  • Login areas

    Make sure users’ credentials are safe and login pages are fully protected.

  • Forms submissions

    Protect PII and sensitive data entry in complex purchasing processes and forms.

Stay Vigilant Against Any Malicious Change Businesses can enjoy peace of mind knowing their websites are safeguarded from Magecart attacks

With Reflectiz, you can:

Detect malicious scripts and domains

Track changes in your most critical web pages

Prioritize issues according to severity level

Utilize blocking on demand if needed

Take preemptive security measures

Effectively eliminate any malicious activity

“When I got to BigCommerce a year and a half ago, Magecart had been one of my primary concerns. Today it’s one of my least concerns… I’d say we’ve lucked out with the right people. Our partnership with Reflectiz has been awesome… Not just because of the tech, but because of the people. You need effort and care on both sides to make it successful”.

Dan Holden, VP Cybersecurity, BigCommerce

Standard security controls will leave you vulnerable in these and many similar scenarios.

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