Past events

November 18, 2021-November 19, 2021
Conference: iHLS INNOTECH 2021 The Cyber, HLS, and Innovation International Event, The conference will be attended by senior officials from the municipal sector – municipalities, districes, and states, the defense establishment, police, security and intelligence agencies, senior executives from the defense industries, technology companies, and hundreds of startups from Israel and the world.
November 15, 2021-November 19, 2021
Conference: Global Cyber Security Innovation Summit 2021 A Global Forum to address the challenges ahead. 5 full days of inspiration from over 50 speakers - including CISOs - from leading companies across NA, LATAM, EMEA and APAC. Join our keynote “The Hidden Risks on Your Website You Cannot Ignore” by Idan Cohen - Co-Founder and CEO @Reflectiz. November 16th @ 2:15 EST.
September 28, 2021-September 29, 2021
Conference: 2021 RH-ISAC SUMMIT Join Reflectiz for a two-day event that brings together top cybersecurity leaders and teams representing the most prominent organizations in retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other consumer-facing companies. Enjoy collaborative workshops, proactive cybersecurity exercises, and exceptional networking opportunities. Don't forget to visit the Reflectiz booth!
September 22, 2021-September 22, 2021
Webinar: CyberSel Webinar (Italian): Vulnerabilities of third-party SW components within your own website Enterprise web platforms and marketplaces are constantly evolving and have become increasingly hyper-connected. The increasing use and presence of third-party code, if not properly controlled and managed, exposes systems to vulnerabilities, allowing easy compromise of security perimeters and theft of sensitive data. Join this webinar to learn: How are these vulnerabilities being exploited to compromise enterprise systems? What are the most vulnerable components? How can you quickly learn what third-party code is being used on your sites, e-commerce systems, etc.? and more. How can you mitigate the risk that could result? The webinar is hosted by our partners at CyberSel and will be in Italian.
July 13, 2021-July 14, 2021
Conference: The Future of Cyber Security The Future of Cyber Security Virtual Conference aims to help businesses to stay one step ahead of attackers through a number of insightful sessions not available at any other security conference. Covering working from home risks and ransomware in the morning and topics including GDPR during COVID-19 and the threat landscape in the afternoon, the conference covers today’s cyber security trends and threats across Europe – as well as those of the future – equipping delegates with the strategies, tools and technology needed to cope in an increasingly complex landscape.
May 18, 2021-May 19, 2021
Conference: Web & Application Security Virtual Event Join Reflectiz and industry thought leaders from around the globe for the Web & Application Security Virtual Event! Free registration here:
April 20, 2021-April 20, 2021
Session: FinTech-Aviv’s Annual Summit FinTech-Aviv's Annual Summit brings together Startups, Investors and Corporations, seeking quality content, networking, and ground breaking FinTech innovations as part of the FinTech Week in Tel-Aviv! Join Reflectiz on the stage and on our virtual both, sign for free here:
April 15, 2021-April 16, 2021
Conference: Third Party & Supply Chain Cyber Security Virtual Summit Join the Reflectiz team at the Third Party & Supply Chain Cyber Security Virtual Summit and learn the best case studies on the end to end cyber security implementation practices when working with third parties to ensure a truly resilient and secure supply chain network. Don't forget to say hello on our virtual both! Register for free here: