Manage Your Web Supply Chain Risk

Verify your third-party vendors and ensure all components comply with corporate policies.

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Your Growing Digital Ecosystem is Too Cluttered to Control

Managing a growing inventory of third-party applications is a huge challenge. It can feel impossible to really understand what’s happening behind the scenes of your own website. However, VRM regulations dictate you know it all. Reflectiz puts weaknesses and risks in the spotlight.

A Smart Digital Supply Chain Inventory

Seamlessly manage your digital supply chain with a comprehensive overview of your entire digital application ecosystem. Ready to truly know your vendors? We start with an in-depth analysis of all your digital assets, followed by complete mapping of the risk, and even providing steps for mitigation.

Maintain digital supply chain integrity with alerts and ratings tied to the real-world risk of deeply-embedded supply chain vulnerabilities.

Assemble a digital inventory according to your business context.

Your smart Digital Inventory enables you to:

  • Examine a complete list of all third- and fourth-party applications running on your website, including their scripts, geolocations, and relationships.
  • Receive a clear, a hassle-free risk assessment for any application.
  • Grasp an in-depth understanding of vendor behaviors, relationships and their impact on your website and data.
  • Get tailored alerts customized to your requirements by classifying critical and non-critical vendors.

Detect vulnerabilities and mitigate risks with comprehensive visibility into your website ecosystem.

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