Exclusive Webinar Recording – Attackers Inside Your Code

The Next Generation of Website Threats
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The Next Generation of Website Threats: Recorded Webinar by Reflectiz 

In this webinar we took you to a learning journey about the invisible dangers of third-party apps on websites.

Watch this step by step video recording* to understand all about detection, notable attacks and mitigation methods. We will explore more about the Magecart attacks methodology. We will also help you learn why organizations are accountable for third-parties and find out how to avoid these risks before they happen.

* The webinar recording starts with a 2 minutes delay

Webinar Agenda

♦ Some background about myself
♦ Major third-party related attacks and events
♦ Third-party code technical overview
♦ Client-side risk exposure
♦ Why we’re all using third-party apps
♦ How attackers gain access to your users’ data
♦ Meet the Magecart cybercrime gang
♦ Type of attacks you cannot afford to miss
♦ What’s web-skimming?
♦ The new cyber arms race
♦ All the way from CSP to WAF
? Ask the experts: Open Q&A session

If you have any questions, please use the contact us form or email us: [email protected]

We are all looking forward to seeing you on our next webinar. For more details, please visit our Events Page  

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