Is Your Website Ready for the Holidays?

Reduce Web Threats for Holiday Season 2022 & Beyond!

With Reflectiz, you can mitigate web threats just in time for the holidays:

  • Prevent malicious script injections
  • Map your entire web supply chain and detect vulnerabilities
  • Prevent web skimming and Magecart attacks
  • Keep privacy and PCI regulations always in check
  • Mitigate external domain risks
  • Make sure all website software is being used as intended

The Reflectiz solution is executed remotely with no installation required

Reflectiz award-winning platform enables businesses to expand their online ecosystems without compromising their security, tackling today’s most sophisticated challenges in the online environment.

Reflectiz innovative sandbox solution monitors and detects all 1st, 3rd, and 4th party app vulnerabilities in your website, enabling complete visibility of your threat surface. Then it effectively prioritizes and remediates risks and compliance issues.

The platform is fully integrated with internal security tools to allow easy streamline of manageable alerts and risks.


Keep your website safe for the holidays & beyond

  • 88 million Americans shopped online during Black Friday 2021
  • Three in five companies were targeted by web supply chain attacks in 2021
  • Magecart groups increase activity by 32% during 2021 holiday season
  • Third-party vendors vulnerabilities are responsible for 57% of all holiday season data breaches


Reflectiz is Trusted by Top Organizations


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