Security teams prefer Reflectiz over Source Defense. Here’s why.

Protecting your client-side is an essential part of doing business. We compare Reflectiz and Source Defense on essential differentiators, and learn the main differences between the two tools.

Why choose Reflectiz?

Source Defense
Installation No installation Proxy Javascript Installation
Performance impact None Impacts website performance
Access to user data None Full access
Onboarding time Days Months
First-party protection Full Limited
Asset coverage Full Internal websites only
Pricing Predictable, per-website Unpredictable, traffic based

Get value from first contact

Try our fully-remote solution today with no installation or intrusion to your business norms,
and realize complete protection for your websites, with zero gaps.

Quick time to value

Start monitoring today, with zero installation, agents, scripts, or code changes required.

Maximized revenues

Visitors browse as usual, with no effect on performance whatsoever. That means none of the bottlenecks, errors, or slow loading times that leads to frustration or churn.

Ensure ultimate data privacy

Your sensitive data will never be processed. Our fully remote solution provides you with coverage without accessing any of your website’s or clients’ sensitive data.

Get started with a free scan of your website to see the platform’s capabilities and decide for yourself.

Don’t just take our word for it, see why customers loves us

Reflectiz allows me to understand the security view into the website even without developer background. The continual security monitoring and the prioritization make it very clear what you should be actioning on and the urgency of these actions…a view that I have not seen in other solutions.

Andrea C. Director of Digital DevOps @Hanna Andersson
Being responsible for thousands of ecommerce Stores… I have to make sure we are well secured and have the ability to rapidly address dynamic changes and for me, as a CISO, Reflectiz allows me sleep well at night.
Lance Wright, CISO @Volusion

Reflectiz have helped us so much in tuning their product to help, make the product as easy to use as possible. The Reflectiz team is always available to meet to ensure our needs are addressed. They are a very professional and friendly team.

Chris R, Application Security Engineer

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