Webinar: Client-side Security Challenges Caused by The Usage of Third Party Applications

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eCommerce businesses are constantly under attack from threat actors targeting vulnerable sites so that they can steal sensitive customer data and financial information. That is not new.

What is relatively new in the ecommerce tech stack is the growing need for and dependence on third-party applications and scripts running on the client-side. In 2022, these are the main vector and cause for client-side attacks. Juggling third-party vulnerability discovery and patching becomes a constant struggle for security departments by trying to understand the way a hacker thinks and exploits vulnerabilities.

Much thought is put into server protection, but an often overlooked risk are client-side app scripts and their security.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The growing challenges in client-side app security
  • The unique client-side problem that BigCommerce faced
  • What BigCommerce was looking in order to face this problem
  • The role of client-side protection tools in fighting Magecart and Web-skimming attacks


  • Idan Cohen, Co Founder & CEO, Reflectiz
  • Dan Holden, VP, Cyber Security, BigCommerce

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