Case Study: The Cookie Privacy Monster in Big Global Retail

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cookie privacy monster case study

Reflectiz recently discovered unmonitored iFrame activity in a global retail client, resulting in cookie privacy violations due to the unauthorized tracking of user data without proper cookie consent. Explore how Reflectiz promptly addressed and resolved this issue.

A global retail platform engaged Reflectiz to uphold a strong website security posture by continuously monitoring diverse user journeys on their websites. Reflectiz’s continuous monitoring revealed:

  •  37 domains were injecting cookies without proper user consent. 
  • The conventional security tools of the retail company remained blind to this issue due to the constraints imposed by their organizational VPN, which hindered visibility. 
  • The rogue, misconfigured cookies were injected into iFrame components, posing challenges for standard security controls like WAF to monitor effectively.

 Reflectiz’s quick detection prompted the company to take immediate action, swiftly eliminating all unauthorized cookies from their websites and preventing potential privacy violations.

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Key Takeaways 

Third-Party Data Compromise: Compromised data reached an external domain through unauthorized cookie injections triggered by a specific user journey.

Unnoticed iFrame Tracking: Unmonitored iFrame activity contributed to privacy violations by tracking user data without consent.

Misconfigured Cookie Threat: A misconfigured cookie facilitated the privacy breach, posing a significant threat to user privacy.

Communication Breakdown Lesson: Improved inter-departmental communication, especially between security and marketing, is crucial to prevent issues related to third-party code implementation.

Continuous Monitoring Crucial: The case highlights the critical need for continuous monitoring and vigilance in the ever-evolving landscape of online privacy to uphold user trust and comply with data protection regulations.

This incident underscores the effectiveness of Reflectiz’s monitoring solution in bolstering the client’s online security.

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