Updates from the web – August 2019

Updates from the web – August 2019
August 11, 2019
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From around the web

Tracking information is not always an easy task. But our news radar is always on. Our team picked three important news and research highlights, just for you

European Court of Justice ruling for Facebook Like Button

The European Court of Justice, which applies to GDPR regulations. According to this ruling, publishers must consent to users submitting information to Facebook.
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The Magecart hacking group strikes again!

Malwarebytes exposed how strong are the Magecart crime groups. According to their researchers, 65,000 credit card theft attempts by Magecart were blocked in July 2019.
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A ComScore Company Distributes a Man-In-The-Middle Proxy Spyware

A surprising third-party risk just revealed by Airo, showing how easy it is to jeopardizes users’ devices.
Read more on Airo Labs library

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