New Magecart Attack Wears Google Tag Manager Disguise

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Magecart attacks have become increasingly common in recent years, with cybercriminals using cunning techniques to steal sensitive data from their unsuspecting victims. From the famous Macy’s Magecart attack to the longest ever See Tickets attack, Magecart is here to stay. One of the latest tricks is to disguise their attacks as Google Tag Manager, a popular marketing tool to manage and track website pixels and tags. Let’s examine this new attack method, but first, what is a Magecart attack?

What is a Magecart attack?

Magecart is a type of cyber attack that targets e-commerce websites to steal sensitive information, such as credit card details and login credentials, from their customers. It was named after the first hacker group that was found to be using it, as they were attacking the Magento platform.

A Magecart attack typically involves injecting malicious code into the website’s payment page, shopping cart, or other pages that process customer data. The attackers use various methods to inject the code, including exploiting vulnerabilities in the website’s code or using stolen login credentials to gain access to the website’s backend.

Once the malicious code is injected, it captures and sends customer data to a server controlled by the attackers. This data can then be used for fraudulent activities, such as buying goods or it could be sold to other criminals on the black market.


Magecart attacks can be difficult to detect, as they often occur within the website’s normal code and they don’t require any extra downloads or software installations. They can also be launched from multiple sources, including third-party scripts that are integrated into the website. This makes it much harder to trace where the attack came from.

To prevent Magecart attacks, website owners should regularly monitor their website for any suspicious activity, implement security measures such as web application firewalls and multi-factor authentication, and ensure that all software and scripts used on their website are kept up-to-date with the latest security patches. For the ultimate level of safety, using a website security solution like Reflectiz can help detect and prevent Magecart attacks, thanks to its continuous monitoring and analysis of all third-party scripts and technologies running on the website.

Anatomy of the Masked Magecart Attack

The Magecart attack disguised as Google Tag Manager works by inserting malicious code into the victim’s website, which is then executed whenever a user visits the site. This code is designed to capture the user’s credit card details, login credentials, and other sensitive information, then send it to the attackers. They are then free to exploit it however they wish.

What makes this attack particularly insidious is that it uses a trusted tool to trick victims into thinking that nothing is wrong. Most website owners and developers trust Google Tag Manager, so by the time they realize that something is amiss it’s already too late.

To carry out this Magecart attack, cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in the victim’s website security and inject the malicious code into the site’s pages, usually by disguising it as a legitimate Google Tag Manager script. They can also use social engineering tactics like phishing emails to trick website owners or administrators into giving them access.


Once the code is in place, it starts collecting data from unsuspecting users, which the attackers can then use for a variety of malicious purposes, including identity theft, fraud, and further cyber attacks.

Protect Your Website Against a Magecart Attack

Keeping your website safe from this new threat requires a multi-layered approach. Your first line of defense is what you should hopefully already be doing, keeping your website’s software and security systems up-to-date so that they can continue to protect known vulnerabilities from being exploited. It’s also important to monitor your website for any suspicious activity, such as unusually high levels of traffic or a sudden surge in credit card fraud.

Limiting third-party access to your website is also crucial. While Google Tag Manager is a trusted tool, it’s essential to carefully vet any third-party providers and limit their access to your website to essential areas only. Using a website security tool that can detect and block malicious code is another effective measure to mitigate the risk of Magecart attacks.

In conclusion, these attacks are a growing threat to website owners and users alike. By understanding how they work and taking the necessary steps to protect your website, you can minimize the risk of falling victim to this insidious new cyber threat. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and stay safe online.


The Reflectiz Solution

Reflectiz is a website security solution that can help prevent Magecart attacks in several ways:

Continuous monitoring

Reflectiz continuously monitors your website for any unauthorized or suspicious activity, including Magecart attacks. It can detect and alert you to any changes made to your website’s code, including the injection of malicious scripts.

Code analysis

Reflectiz can analyze your website’s code to identify vulnerabilities that these kinds of attacks could exploit. It can provide you with actionable insights and recommendations to address these vulnerabilities and strengthen your website’s security.

Third-party script management

Magecart attacks commonly exploit third-party scripts that are integrated into your website, essential features like payment gateways or chat widgets. Reflectiz can help you manage and monitor these third-party scripts, ensuring they are secure and not compromised.

Compliance monitoring

Reflectiz can help you maintain compliance with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, by monitoring the collection and processing of user data on your website. This can help prevent Magecart attacks that seek to steal sensitive user information, keeping both you and your customers safe.

Overall, Reflectiz provides a comprehensive website security solution that can help prevent Magecart attacks and protect your website from other cyber threats. By using Reflectiz, you get peace of mind knowing that your website is secure and your users’ data is protected.

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