Recorded Webinar: the Next Generation Cyber Threats of E-Commerce

Webinar: The escalating threats that e-commerce websites are facing

The webinar is about the escalating threats that e-commerce websites are facing today.

Watch the recorded webinar and learn what you need to keep your e-commerce website safe, before the holiday season starts and all the way afterwards. The webinar will show you more about Magecart, web-skimming and other next-gen attack techniques that online retailers need to be aware of all year round, but especially so during the upcoming shopping season.

What You Will Learn?

♦ Cyber Monday and Black Friday – the new cyber risks you should expect
♦ Meet the Magecart attackers
♦ What is Web-Skimming and why you should be concerned
♦ The next generation of cyber-attacks on E-Commerce
♦ How attackers can access your website to steal data
♦ What can online retailers do to stay protected?
♦ Q&A Session and security tips


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