Next Generation Third-Party Risk Mitigation Solution




An evolving risk factor

Third-party risk is not a new, but over the last few years there has been a huge increase in both usage and threats. And yet, many companies are still not fully aware to the security implications and the risks third parties present.

An Innovative Third-Party Protective Layer

refSec is designed to help security and privacy teams to identify threats, vulnerabilities, GDPR risks and privacy breaches caused by third-party technologies.

Ongoing in-depth scans – refSec uses a propriety browser platform that performs external in-depth scans. This machine learning tool runs on entire websites and tracks the whole third-party inventory, regardless loading mechanisms.

Baseline Identification and Risk Detection – As the entire data is collected, refSec maps the whole third-party inventory and identifies the baseline. From that point, the propriety browser continuously monitors any modification to detect deviations and risks. A dedicated graphical user interface allows you to visualize assets and manage your site risks effectively. Every time
a threat is detected, alerts are sent automatically.

What’s unique about refSec?    

Cyber oriented solution refSec was developed by security teams for security teams. At Reflectiz, we know exactly what your needs are.
Complete Overview – refSec is a powerful tool that lets you handle
rd-Party risks comprehensively, with no blind spots. How we do it?
We monitor the whole 3
rd-Party inventory by “simply” scanning entire websites, not just single pages.
Get alerts and notification – refSec is always on guard and lets you stay alert whenever threats are detected. To save even more efforts, refSec is designed to smoothly fit into your organizational security systems.
No Installation and immediate value – refSec doesn’t involve any installation or exhausting approval procedure. The refSec platform itself works externally and doesn’t effect your production environment.<

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