Reflectiz for Online Services

Reflectiz for Online Services

Protect Your Online Data Against
Uncontrolled Third-Party Code

Reflectiz unique solution for online services mitigate third-party security and privacy risks, before they happen.
Online Business As A Target

Organizations are obliged to do everything in their power to protect their customers against malicious attacks and data breaches. This is by far the number one cyber-security challenge for online businesses today. Installed third-party code on websites allows attackers to easily compromise it, bypass most of the organizational security perimeters and conduct one-to-many attacks for sensitive data theft.

Research indicates that over 50% of online businesses suffered a data leakage involving an integrated third-party website code. These are all the external entities, installed on your website, covering variety of marketing and advertising tools, analytics, and thousands of different JavaScript applications. All are out there, beyond your control, integrated onto your website, directly or indirectly. All can hardly be tracked by common cyber-security tools. Breaches therefore remain undetected for long periods, creating huge damages and financial losses.


Reflectiz provides advanced website security solution, allowing organizations stay protected against security breaches such as client-side attacks, data leakage and privacy violations, caused by installed third-parties code on their websites.


The Reflectiz Solution Unique Differentiation

  • Ongoing protectionThe Reflectiz platform produces a one touch baseline, followed by a reoccurring monitoring process of the entire third-party inventory on your website. Our continuous analysis allows us to identify risks on your website as they happened, ensuring your organization will not be exposed to supply-chain attacks resulting from compromised installed third-parties on your website.
  • Full inventory visibility – Reflectiz provides extensive third-party inventory and robust asset management platform, all in one place, presenting extensive data of each third-party application, including its actions, networking, location, relationships and more. All with a friendly user interface and functional management capabilities.
  • Web third-party intelligenceReflectiz’ ability to analyze thousands of websites nonstop, produces the most up-to-date intelligence platform of web third-party risk detection, covering unfamiliar threats and malicious JS, as well as providing global database of third-parties applications worldwide.
  • Dynamic AnalysisReflectiz uses propriety browsing capabilities, offering dynamic third-party client-side behavioral analysis. This unique examination reflects the relationship of each component and the entire third-party supply chain of the website, up to fourth and fifth parties and its in-depth action analysis.
  • Fully automated alert systemThe Reflectiz platform lets you stay in control 24/7, connected to your internal SIEM/SOAR processes, with no effort from your end. Each smart alert and notification provided, is automatically tagged according to the severity of each instance and includes a set of practical security guidelines for your website.


With enhanced third-party on-going behavioral analysis for your website, Reflectiz covers even the most undetected vulnerabilities and risks, providing you maximum visibility, with no installation demands.


How Web Third-Party Risks Threat Your Organization?
  • Supply Chain and Magecart AttacksA third-party code running on your website is controlled remotely. Once attackers compromise your vendors, they can inject their malicious code and run it on your website, exposing your visitors to an invisible and hardly detected data breach.
  • Brand Reputation Vendor Side EffectsAn installed third-party code is an integral part of your website, even if it isn’t yours. Each error it makes, even simple hosting mistakes or an unvalidated certificate, can directly affect your website, your brand reputation and damage your user’s trust.
  • Privacy, GDPR / CCPA violationsA third-party that runs on your website has access to your most sensitive data and can easily extract it. According to the latest rulings and privacy regulations, organizations are considered as controllers when the third-party code is running on their websites. This can lead your organization privacy violations and liability issues unknowingly.
Reflectiz offers a fully automated and dedicated process that puts your website on spot and seamlessly analyze it. The monitoring process is completely transparent and has no effect on your website performance.

Tailor Made Website Security Bundles

Each website has different functionalities and set of vulnerabilities in accordance. In order to provide you the most accurate set of security tools, Reflectiz developed different packages, each is designed to address specific client needs, based on different types of website risk analysis. The solution packages are designed to fit websites that only require basic vendor risk assessment, or websites that have a strong need for near real-time third-party risk and supply-chain breach detections.