refSec: the Next Generation Third-Party Risk Mitigation Solution

Third-parties: essential, but risky

Websites today embraced third-party scripts and integrated them into their inner backbone, granting them full authorization to perform any action. These scripts offer better functionality and scalability for business and technology purposes. But third-parties also present significant number of unattended threats that affect the entire supply chain and pose websites to new privacy and security risks. Your website is no exception.

The current state

While the risk factor is evolving, many companies are not fully aware of the security and privacy implications third-parties present. Others, are still struggling to find the most trusted and cost-effective solution, one that combines intelligent risk management process and an efficient ongoing control.


refSec – Key benefits
  • Baseline for ongoing protection – refSec creates one touch baseline, followed by a reoccurring monitoring process for the entire third-party inventory, leaving your website protected all along the way.
  • Full visibility – refSec provides extensive third-party inventory and robust asset management platform, all in one place. The platform performs comprehensive third-party detection, covering entire sites and each script action within.
  • Dynamic analysis – refSec uses proprietary browsing capabilities, offering advance dynamic third-party behavioral analysis. It identifies every action and modification, connectivity layers and remotely installed external parties – known as 4th-parties.
  • Auto-alerts – refSec lets you stay in control 24/7. The system sends automatic alerts and notifications according to the severity of each instance.
  • Effortless solution – refSec doesn’t require setup or integration and doesn’t involve production demands. It works seamlessly and externally, with no effect on your website. Once activated, refSec data instantly becomes available for you.
Third-Party Threats and Vulnerabilities

While third-parties are often considered as trusted vendors, they still pose many threats that need to be managed. But in practice, what are the most disturbing challenges third-parties present?

  • Supply Chain Attacks – Any third-party on your website, has access to your visitors. Your site can be hacked through a third-party or your vendor can be breached, exposing your data and put your site at immediate risk.
  • Remote Modifications – Third-parties can be modified remotely, without the site-owner consent. This can lead to data exploitations, unintended modifications, device activation, i.e., cam or mic. It also allows third-parties to install additional scripts – 4th parties.
  • Legal violations – An installed third-party has access to your most sensitive data and has the ability to extract it. From regulation point of view and legal perspective, this is a high-risk factor. It can expose your organization to liability issues unknowingly.
Common Third-Party and Supply-Chain Risks

Research findings and recent third-party breaches indicate the top five risks that can jeopardize organizations:

  • Data breach exposure – sensitive information leakage,
  • liability issues, potential lawsuits and fines.
  • Reputational damage – negative brand loyalty, customer
  • confidence, long-tail effect.
  • Financial loss – operational and legal costs, value
  • dropdown, profitability decline.
  • Privacy and GDPR risks – regulatory entanglement,
  • governmental investigation, class action.
  • Personal accountability – C level responsibility, team
  • liability, dismissal and defaming.
refSec behind the scenes


  • Reoccurring in-depth scans – A designated browser platform runs on entire websites and performs external in-depth scans, allowing refSec to tracks the whole third-party inventory, regardless of script loading mechanisms.
  • Baseline Identification and Risk Detection – Once the entire data is collected, refSec maps the whole third-party inventory and identifies the baseline. From that point, the scan runs continuously to detect deviations and new risks.
  • Knowledge is power – the refSec platform scans tens of thousands of selected sites from around the globe. This enables us to accumulate huge amount of data and develop unique capabilities of pre-identifying threats and handling risks before they occur.
  • Efficient dashboards and auto-alerts – our dedicated interface reflects a concise snapshot that easy-to-use dashboards and a smart notifications platform that automatically alerts of unusual events.