One Dashboard to Rule Your Website Security

Efficiently detect and prevent risks from a management enterprise dashboard and view all assets in a single view.

Your Website Looks Great! But What Can’t You See?

Reflectiz is out to make web applications safe by developing a solution that maps your entire digital supply chain, and analyzes each component’s ‘WWWs (Which, What, Where). By asking these questions for every single digital website asset, one comprehensive platform is able to eliminate the ever-growing third-party security risks that threaten your business.

Explore Your Digital Ecosystem

Learn WHICH digital assets you have in your environment, and manage them easily with an automated inventory that maps their information and behaviors. Get immediate notification of any new script, tag or app added to your website.

Protect Your User Data

Get an in-depth analysis of WHAT sensitive actions your third parties perform. Ensure that only you have control over your data and PII. Validate every single one of your third-parties’ behaviors to detect any suspicious or unauthorized changes in your website, and ensure the right vendor processes the right data. Every. Time.

Follow Your Data Route

Access a map of exactly WHERE your data is being sent and precisely who has access to it at all times. Track suspicious domains or geo-locations to ensure your data is sent to the intended recipient and that it never leaves your four walls without your knowledge and consent.

Customize Your Alert System

Establish your unique defensive baseline by setting up your exact ecosystem security standards, and we’ll alert you on any unapproved changes. This could be a new script, tag or app, or anything that deviates from your configured baseline.

Easily Block Malicious Domains

Reflectiz platform is great and allows us to get complete visibility of third-party risks which helps us to reduce our attack surface and security risks”.

Shay Sasson, Cyber Operations

Key features:

Ongoing Risk Mitigation

Root-Cause Analysis

In-depth Reporting

Personalized alerts

SOC integration

Advanced Third-Party Intelligence

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