Reflectiz Officially Receives ISO 27001 Certification

Reflectiz Officially Receives ISO 27001 Certification
August 30, 2021
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Reflectiz is now officially ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. This essentially means that the company is meeting one of the strictest Information Security Management requirements in the industry today. 

Businesses all over the world are now leveraging ISO 27001, a combination of processes, best practices, and policies, as a guide to enforce the highest information security standards. It’s helping organizations protect their data in a sustainable and effective manner. This is a huge challenge especially with companies like Reflectiz that are scaling up fast and protecting multi-million dollar businesses.

“All three objectives of ISO 27001 are now enforced in our company. First is Confidentiality, second Integrity, and obviously also Availability – all extremely important when handling sensitive information like we do,” Idan Cohen, our Co-Founder and CEO elaborated. “Getting this certification will help us achieve our goals for 2021 and beyond with a sustainable product delivery pipeline.”

Reflectiz Receives ISO 27001 Certification
Reflectiz Receives ISO 27001 Certification

The aforementioned ISO 27001 solution is also an extremely important part of achieving General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and achieving true compliance in multiple global locations. Reflectiz’s digital asset management helps businesses monitor their third-parties and the dependencies they create on an ongoing basis via a centralized dashboard, a true gamechanger in the cybersecurity space. 

Reflectiz is committed to making online businesses safe again.

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