New Report: 5 Most Common Web Risk Factors to Watch For in Finance

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5 top web risk factors - finance

Our latest report, available to download right now, contains essential insights about web risk factors in the financial industry gathered during typical Reflectiz monitoring operations over the last few months. 

When a client chooses Reflectiz, our proprietary sandbox solution maps every connected asset in their digital infrastructure, establishes a baseline of approved behaviors and then continuously monitors the system, promptly reporting on any suspicious actions and prioritizing those that demand the quickest response. Read more about the Reflectiz solution here.

While constantly monitoring the ever-expanding attack surfaces of our customers from various industries all over the world, we naturally gain new insights into the evolving threats they face, enabling us to answer questions like:

  •  How many remote services are interacting with each website?
  • How many scripts are reading customers’ sensitive financial or personal information?
  •  How many scripts are being loaded for each site?
  •  How many cross-site tracking pixels are tracking each site?

Through our expanding library of threat intelligence data points, we know that attack surfaces are growing in size because we see how many more apps and servers our clients are connecting to their supply chains. 

For those kinds of details, you can download the full report, but to give you a glimpse, here is a sneak peek at insight number 5 – 

15-20 misconfiguration events per year in web production environments is a troubling figure because each one of these misconfigurations can become a potential point of entry for cyber attackers. The fact that it’s an average figure will no doubt leave you wondering if your web production environment is so heavily compromised too. If you want to answer that question, then download the new report now and click on the offer of a complementary scan on the last page. It might help you catch a security weakness you didn’t know you had.   

The report will likely prompt you to ask several other questions too as it reveals some interesting averages, including the number of remote servers that financial institutions’ websites are connecting to, the number of scripts on each site that can access customers’ sensitive personal information, and the number of cross-site tracking applications for each site that are collecting user data and tracking website activity.

Do you know how many accidental misconfigurations are waiting to expose your users’ data and land you in hot water with FINRA? Or with the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act? What data are your forgotten marketing tracking pixels quietly harvesting without permission, in violation of GDPR and CCPA guidelines?

If you’re completely certain that every one of your third- and fourth-party app vendors have robust cyber security policies in place, then congratulations. But if you are in any doubt at all then for peace of mind, download our latest report on the five most common web risk factors now.

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