Use Case: Revolutionizing eCommerce Digital Security

Case Study: Revolutionizing eCommerce Digital Security

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Learn how a leading US-based eCommerce business elevates its website digital security to eliminate Magecart threats.

The average eCommerce website is using over 60 external digital applications and third-party tags today – marketing automation, analytics, payments, subscriptions, and other development related tasks. But these digital applications are also expanding your attack surface by creating dependencies and security blind spots.

Learn how this leading retailer is using Reflectiz to:

  • Manage all third-party digital application inventories smoothly
  • Eliminate security blind spots with enhanced visibility
  • Address regulatory issues and achieve compliance
  • Enable secure digital application usage across all departments
  • Empower CISOs and security teams

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About Reflectiz

Reflectiz is a cybersecurity company specializing in next-generation web threats. Years of research by infosec experts led to the creation of our cutting-edge platform, which global companies are now using to keep their websites safe. Reflectiz, which has been recognized by Gartner for innovation in website security, is ready to face today’s web threats head-on, making the internet a safer place for both businesses and customers.  For more information about how to gain control of your website security, visit the Reflectiz website.

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