LOGON Software Asia and Reflectiz are announcing a new partnership!

LOGON Software Asia and Reflectiz are announcing a new partnership!
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Hong-Kong, / Tel-Aviv, September 30th.

Hong-Kong based cyber-security solutions distributor LOGON Software Asia, and Reflectiz, a cyber security company specializing in third-party application security for websites, are pleased to announce a new partnership. LOGON offers a range of cyber security solutions in the area of Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Intelligence and Access Management to the Asian market.

LOGON is now offering Reflectiz’ unique solution, helping financial websites, e-commerce businesses and online services stay protected against privacy and security risks, created by installed third-party code. These include client-side threats, compliance and privacy risks, web-skimming, Magecart attacks and more.

According to Wong Yuet Or, the director of LOGON Software Asia, “The partnership will allow LOGON to address the growing demand of resolving third-party threats on websites. Our customers can now easily mitigate the growing risks generated by dozens of third-party apps running on their websites”. Ms. Wong adds that the threat from third-parties on websites has increased the demand for a solution, and Reflectiz provides it. “The solution is not only practical, but it also allows a quick and easy mitigation process that protects online businesses against the growing security challenges of Magecart’s web-skimming, client-side risks, data leaks and obviously – compliance.”

Today we witness a growing demand for third-party apps on websites – to allow technological scalability and maximizing business results. These include analytics tools, marketing and advertising components, open source development tools and more. Along with the many benefits these components provide, each installed third-party code running on a website, can also produce a long list of security and privacy risks.

LOGON Software Asia and Reflectiz are announcing a new partnership!

Idan Cohen, the CEO of Reflectiz adds “Almost any website today is exposed. The main problem is that most security measures and tools are not designed to deal with the risks that these third-party apps generate.  Taking into account the dynamics of these tools and the fact that the threats run outside the ‘common’ protection range, on the client-side – this requires a dedicated solution. This is what we, at Reflectiz, do.” Mr. Cohen further emphasizes that as a result, the common security tools are unable to identify the new risks that are created by third-party apps on websites. “Reflectiz solves this growing need, providing websites the protection they require with unique third-party visibility capabilities, like never before, without installation and without production changes. Easy and simple.”

Mr. Cohen also states, “The partnership with LOGON allows Reflectiz to expand its presence within Asia, and explore new markets and reach new clients. We are excited to collaborate with the professional team of LOGON and looking forward to a successful partnership”.

To celebrate the new partnership, LOGON and Reflectiz will offer customers in Asia, a complementary website third-party application security analysis. On that aspect, Ms. Wong adds that ahead of the Chinese Bachelor Day and Black Friday, e-commerce websites can have the quickest and most effective solution, for immediate protection against Magecart attacks as well as protecting checkout pages, before the shopping peak!

For more details, please visit: LOGON Asia, https://www.logon-int.com
Contact person: Lisa Wong, [email protected]

Reflectiz, Third-Party Application Security, https://www.reflectiz.com | [email protected]

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