November 8, 2017Idan Cohen

REFLECTIZ’s Performance Module Helps Address Severe Issues on Major Websites

REFLECTIZ’s Performance Module Helps Address Severe Issues on Major Websites

While most websites monitor their third-party technologies for load speed, most of them don’t realize that in addition to the regular load time, many applications also run an initialization phase “boot action”, post-loading. These actions usually complete after the page is displayed
to the user, but not usable, and can cause severe lag and bad user experience.

In one of our recent regular scans of top sites worldwide, we found that a top news site had severe booting issue, sometimes causing up to an additional four seconds of lag time when accessing the sites’ articles. This meant that the page was frozen, unusable and without any ads. Our Performance module was able to trace the problem and found that the specific implementation of jQueryUI technology was the cause of the slowdown.

jQueryUI is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library. During the initialization phase, however, jQuery UI draws heavily on initialization resources and
can cause serious lag. Since the browser has some caching and optimization as well, it can be hard to detect it.

Why Didn’t The Site’s Regular Performance Checks Catch The Issue?

While loading time is actively monitored and managed by the site, the actions of technologies during boot-time phase, are connected to the user browser processor, which is harder to monitored and affected by many
variables. Therefore, this area is mostly un-monitored and uncontrolled.

How can REFLECTIZ detect such issues so easily?

REFLECTIZ’s monitoring agent simulates a browser that monitors all the behaviors and their technology owners, which allows REFLECTIZ to easily identify which application is requesting the most resources and taking the most time to complete. REFLECTIZ is compatible with the world’s leading browsers and uses multiple user profiles to shine a light on these dark spots in the process.

REFLECITZ’s technology allows you to control what goes on behind the scenes of your website. It will help you identify what activities are being done by third-party applications and open-source frameworks. Our metrics include data gathered from top sites around the world giving you the ability to compare and rank yourself according to your competition. This solution fits seamlessly with your website with no installation needed.


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