RefControl delivers technological insights and allow technology leaders stay in control over their websites, digital services and online assets.

RefControl reflects the relationships between web technologies, internet assets and end-users. With unique machine-learning and big-data capabilities, RefControl provides the most essential and critical technological metrics. It helps optimizing technology usage, deliver better scalability, monetization and performance.


User FRIENDLY monitoring

Web technologies control is simple now. No setup or installation needed.

RefControl is a must-have tool for CTOs, CDOs, product managers, digital mangers and even monetization leaders. It doesn’t require complex integration or installation and provides cost-effective and friendly technology monitoring all along the funnel.



In today’s digital era control is the name of the game.
An average web platform now uses hundreds of browser technologies to operate itself properly and maintain its competitive advantage. However, with front-end technologies, control is not only harder, but also complex and expensive. The cost of losing control can be devastating.

RefControl brings you all the control you need on both technology and budget.  Now you can control web technologies at ease, optimize your budget and avoid unnecessary expanses.



Websites and digital content platforms these days are complex.
They demand third-party technologies, more open-source code and relentless changing browser technologies. Ironically, while the end-user is affected by those technologies, website owners cannot really monitor the entire process.

Tracking basic level of information cannot provide effective technology overview.
In fact, most traditional monitoring platforms give you slices of micro data instead of the big picture. Instead the technology reflection you need. We call it RefControl.


TRANSPARENT monitoring

A macro technological overview via fully transparent process.

Unlike other platforms RefControl is an external tool and doesn’t have any presence in the code itself. Our non-intrusive technology works seamlessly all through the day, reflects and monitors inconceivable amount of processes and data.

To name but a few – RefControl monitors Ajax events, subsequent Java-script, heavy DOM manipulation and enormous amount of processes that effect UX and performance. Additionally, we support multiple modules and extensive performance metrics, erroring, advertising, security leaks, privacy and GDPR issues, object-visibility and lots more. And there’s more!


BENCHMARK your competition

Effective BI technology monitoring is now a reality.
RefControl delivers the information you need to maintain competitive advantage.
Our intelligent data analysis methodology provides technological BI and measurement tools that give you the capacity to analyze, rank and benchmark your digital asset according to the competition around.


Start RefControl now. it’s SIMPLE!

Manage your technologies effortlessly and effectively.
You can start gaining the control you need over performance and security issues, privacy concerns, UX effects, integration processes and lots more.

But once again, here’s the best part. RefControl doesn’t involve any intrusive processes or integration and there’s no need for any download.


So why wait? Get your RefControl now!

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