refAgent is a digital technology intelligence solution for wide range of websites technology solution providers. Those include monetization vendors, gaming platforms, analytics and optimization tools, digital media services and lots more. Our mission is to make sure your technology products run smoothly on your client’s websites and most of all, decrease costs and generate more revenues!

Complete Overview Like Never Before
refAgent scans multiple websites with advance profiling and deep technology algorithms. Those capabilities give you a complete overview from a technology perspective about your technology product.

Zero Integration, 100% Results
There’s no need to install anything. refAgent is a non-intrusive technology, that runs seamlessly all through the day. refAgent monitors inconceivable amount of processes and data and brings the insights you really need!.

Exactly What You Need

Coverage Rate – Get a complete overview from multiple web-sites and discover the coverage proportion of your products and monetization tools.
Effectiveness – Make sure everything runs smoothly, avoid your product features from being blocked and make sure viewability is perfect. refAgent will monitor every bit of technology, make a complete performance checkup and will detect bugs easily and more effectively.
Competitor Analysis – ever wondered what your competitors are doing? What their coverage rate is? Do they perform well? refAgent brings you the most important insights you need to know about your competitors and also lets you benchmark your online products

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