Third-Party Application Security Enterprise Solution 

Modern enterprises use countless third-party applications to sustain and evolve online activities on their websites and digital properties. While this trend produces many benefits, it also  presents continuous security and privacy challenges.

Reflectiz helps enterprises protect their digital assets against risks generated from the third-party applications running on their websites.. Security and compliance teams can now gain full visibility and have efficient control without even adding a single line of code!

Handling Risks at Large-Scale 

Recent data shows that enterprises are concerned over the ever increasing security challenges created by third-party applications on their websites.

Regulations and compliance have become more strict, requiring careful control on each external component. Protecting tens of thousands of websites and digital assets simultaneously, became more complex and demanding. Reflectiz solves this.


The Reflectiz Enterprise solution allows you to operate in a targeted manner at a macro  level, and continuously mitigate risks on multiple websites and digital assets. Unlike other solutions, using the platform does not involve long implementation demands or hard production changes, leaving sensitive data untouched and allowing for an accelerated onboarding process. 

The Enterprise Toolbox

Our enterprise solution comes with a unique toolbox.  These include a unified enterprise dashboard, multiple website control panels, alert workflow tracking, integration to internal security alerting solutions and business owner modules. 

Securing multiple websites and subdomains, with tens of thousands of web-pages using a vast amount of running third-party apps starts at the macro level.

Main control-panel – direct security controls from single main dashboard

Workflow status – track progress of the mitigation process of your alerts by their status (new /under review /closed) 

Application owner – assigning and enabling an authorized person or team within the organization to take charge of the application and directly manage instances that are related to it

Orchestration – integrate Reflectiz with other security platforms your organization uses – SOC, SiEM, Splunk, Service-now and others

Efficient administration – instances and related data that need further examination, can be exported and allocated to the right team

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Cost-Effective Enterprise Solution

Reflectiz offers the most efficient solution for the enterprise level.

✅ No installation requirements or production changes: Reflectiz saves time and money and avoids the necessity for a long  installation process

✅ No delays: Even the largest organization can start mitigating third-party risks on multiple websites rapidly and without  delays

✅ No compliance demands: the Reflectiz solution has no access to sensitive data and therefore isn’t governed by regulatory demands

✅ No effect on performance: The Reflectiz platform is completely external with no effect on websites performance


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