Keep Your Financial Website Protected from Advanced Third-Party Based Attacks

Reflectiz offers a fully automated and dedicated solution that works seamlessly and transparently to protect your website continuously, with no installation and no effect on performance.

New Age Security

Securing customers sensitive information is critical for financial institutions. This is because both it is expected from the customer but also due to government regulations. Thus, a breach of any kind can lead to a loss of trust by the customer as well as accrue large fines. Maintaining this delicate equilibrium is even more important today. With the digitization of the financial industry, more people than ever are handling their financial transactions online. Cyber criminals know this, and have been taking advantage of it for the last few years. This is because websites are based on third-party and open-source code, which has created a new play-field for hackers.

The third-party Blind-Spot

This is because third-party codes operate on the client-side, while traditional security controls are focused on the server-side. This creates the blind spot.
Client-side attacks, like web skimming, can lead to your customers data being stolen directly from their browser, leading to the theft of sensitive information. Based on the most recent industry reports, third-party code and client-side security are considered one of the biggest trends for 2020, as it will be the main focus of attackers.

Infringements of Data Protection Regulation

The British Airways attack highlights this case in point. Although British Airways had all the advanced website security controls, they were completely blind to the breach of their website for 15 days. Due to this, they have been hit with a $230 million dollar fine by the British privacy watchdog for violating privacy regulations, after close to 500,000 customers sensitive details leaked.
Most secured businesses are already using top brand security perimeters such as Next Generation firewalls or Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions on to their websites to ward off threats from cybercriminals, assuming they are reasonably safe from these online risks. But they are blind, these components are beginning to load when the user first visit the page, it can be changed each time, depending on the vendor’s profile for the user, or on a new version release. Even if you do use a second layer of security, such as code review or penetration testing. The conclusion is still clear – these kind of security perimeters will only be relevant for the testing day itself and several use cases in specific.

Visibility for the First Time

With enhanced third-party on-going inventory and behavioral analysis for your website, Reflectiz covers even the most undetected vulnerabilities and risks, providing you maximum visibility, with no installation demands.
Reflectiz offers a fully automated and dedicated process that protects your website and seamlessly analyzes it. The monitoring process is completely transparent and has no effect on your website performance.