Taking Third-Party Application Security to the Next Level: Version 2.8’s Multiple Website Dashboard

Taking Third-Party Application Security to the Next Level: Version 2.8’s Multiple Website Dashboard
August 19, 2020
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Version 2.8 Goes LIVE! 

Almost any organization today uses dozens of websites and subdomains. Each provides essential functions and uses dozens of third-party apps and tags to produce its capabilities. Those assets are managed by multiple teams on the enterprise level and medium-large organizations, requiring different conduct and high-level attention.
Taking Third-Party Application Security to the Next Level: Reflectiz' Multiple Website Dashboard
Third-Party Application Security for Websites: Reflectiz’ Multiple Website Dashboard

High-Level Overview First

Securing multiple subdomains with tens of thousands of webpages and dozens of third-party apps running on each, requires a continuous high-level approach. One that goes hand in hand with a more in-depth behavioral analysis for each asset.  

The need and the increased challenges, have led us to launch a dedicated security functionality for multiple websites and subdomains. The new dashboard was carefully designed to address a high number of threats, according to the risk levels and the security segment.

The multiple website dashboard offers an overall view of the different risks generated by the running third-parties and their  handled processes. This allows effective decision-making and rapid threat conduct, according to the level of risk and severity.


Easier Risk Mitigation comes with a Friendly UI

The overall dashboard offers intuitive navigation, allowing security teams to spot highlighted security issues and address them effectively.

So, what are the most important functionalities you should be aware of?

Issues Per Category

This section allows you to easily identify security and privacy issues, according to severity and relevant category.

Third-party application security issues per category on Reflectiz' 2.8
Reflectiz 2.8 – Issues per Category


Each of the six segments refers to a different risk category, allowing effective risk mitigation and mission allocation. The graphs are all clickable, allowing you to scroll directly to the addressed issues or status you want to check, all marked by severity level and status.  

Malicious Detection – This graph shows alerts of malicious known scripts and domains and requests that were actively detected on your assets..

Unapproved Behaviors – Unauthorized or unapproved script behaviors. Behaviors such as keylogging, GPS or media activation and more. 

Inventory Changes – Changes in your approved application baseline, for example when a new unapproved third-party is joining in.

Domain Issues – Review all the domain related alerts and notification, such as domain and certificates issues. 

Privacy Topics – Spot issues that are related to privacy or regulations and are affected by script actions and behaviors. 

Intelligence Feeds – Get multiple website security information, based upon collecting data from global sources and Reflectiz’ intelligence feed.


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Grouped Overview

All your managed website and subdomains are concentrated in one place, each is searchable.

Third-party application security for websites - Multiple website and subdomain management by Reflectiz
Reflectiz 2.8 – Grouped Overview – Multiple Website and Subdomain Management


Active Alerts Status

This graph demonstrates high and medium alerts, presenting their active status.

Reflectiz Third-party application security - Website alerts overview and status
Reflectiz 2.8 – Active Alerts Overview and Status


Each segment is clickable, allowing effective risk management within a single dashboard, all through from receiving the alert until its approval.


The Workflow Status Module 

This graph is designed to let you effectively follow progress or detect potential restraints within mitigation processes. Each line presents the status of each alert by type, assigned date and current state – incoming / outgoing, resolved or not and so on.  

Third-party application security -Workflow status
Reflectiz 2.8 – Workflow Status


Geographic Display, by Country

Quick data flow overview by geo-division, allowing you to spot suspicions locations and easily drill into the related information.

Reflectiz' 2.8 - Geo Tracking - Clickable alerts and notification marked by geo-location
Reflectiz 2.8 – Geo Display Map – Clickable alerts and notification marked by geo-location


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