Immediate Free Website Protection Against Third-Party Risks During the Covid-19 Crisis 

Immediate Free Website Protection Against Third-Party Risks During the Covid-19 Crisis 
March 17, 2020
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Supply-chain attacks, website third-party risks, client-side threats, Magecart attacks, foam-jacking…, It’s all there, threatening your most valuable asset. Today these threats become more crucial as more online services are added, in many cases without prior security controls. Don’t Stress! We have you covered during the Coronavirus crisis!

So, what’s inside the 2 months third-party application security aid package?

√  Zero-touch –  With Reflectiz you don’t have to install anything, meaning you can start protecting your website immediately. We only need your domain’s URL and you are all set!

√  Alerts & Recommendations  – You can relax, we’re on guard. Our designated platform detects risks before they happen and alerts you with what’s important.

√  Ongoing Protection – We monitor your website continuously and perform an ongoing behavioral analysis that leaves no blind-spots whatsoever.

√  Third-Party Intel –  We analyze thousands of websites nonstop, bringing you the most up to date intelligence platform, covering the entire third-party risk landscape.

There’s lots more, you only need to fill out the “Detect your risks!” form found on this page, or use the “Contact us”, submit your details and our team will get back to you. 

Remember, our job now is to help you get over the Coronavirus crisis, supporting you at no cost for the next 2 months!  


Little More About Our Aid

The current Covid-19 pandemic is presenting businesses with unique challenges like never before. For many, it is about survival. These days, cybercrimes can easily become a nightmare. Security teams struggling against hackers and new threat actors, with limited resources is harder than ever. But when it comes to third-party risks, client-side threats and supply chain attacks, you can leave your problems behind and leave everything to us! Setup? It can be such a mess these days, but you don’t even have to worry about that. You don’t have to install anything. No headaches, you can start right away!


* Note: Reflectiz have the right to cancel this offering or change it at any time. 

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